Rewards Program

If you leave a review on our Facebook or Google Business Page you will be entered for our annual Gift Card giveaway.  We will be doing two drawings a year once in June and once in December.  Be sure to leave a review and we will automatically enter your name!

Referral Rewards

Starting August of 2019, if you have used our services and you refer a new customer, we will send you a visa gift card, the more customers you refer the more gift cards you will receive.  If you send us 10 customers we will send you a $1,000.00 Visa gift card!

REView Rewards

Referral Rewards rules: New customers sent by existing customers must spend at least one thousand dollars to receive credit.  If the new customer sent does not say they heard about us through existing customer, existing customer is not eligible for referral program.

Review Rewards rules:  If customer does not write a review and only gives rating, customer is not eligible to receive gift card/s.  If less than ten customers have written a review a drawing will not take place until the following year.